V8s from Down Under

For the first time, the Aussie V8 Supercar series brought its entertaining racing series to US soil.  Visiting the Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas along with the SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge series, I was really looking forward to seeing these guys in real life. 

As promised, the show was great.  These are what NASCAR, or even the new Trans Am should be.  All cars share the same chassis underneath, but have skins of their various manufacturers that look very true to life and hide the spec chassis below.  The V8 engines sound great, the suspensions provide curb hopping madness, the relatively narrow tires make for a little sliding around and the equalization of the cars made for some great and exciting racing.   Its everything the manufacturers and fans could want.

On top of that, the series and its people were a joy to deal with.  The teams made themselves accessible to the fans really embraced the Texas experience.  During a fan walk one of the evenings, they had demos of pit stops, they had the cars out to be seen, team members made themselves available for questions and they made themselves at home.  I spoke with more than a few of the team guys that night and every one of them were just thrilled with the weekend and having a great time.   

It was truly a great experience.  Here was a series that was new to us in the states and they were experiencing and enjoying bringing their series to a new set of fans.  The V8 Supercars are scheduled to return next year and I encourage anyone that can make to do so.  You will not be disappointed.